Anatoliy Olshanskiy

The GRAN guitar inventor and guitar virtuoso, Anatoliy Olshanskiy, Vienna, 2014
Anatoliy Olshanskiy is an extraordinary musician and indeed a visionary. With the help and support of his teacher and personal friend, Vladimir Ustinov he created GRAN, the new acoustic instrument with a vast sonorous palette.
This hybrid changed his life completely; she made him cross the ocean and back, introduced him to Sir Paul McCartney and incredibly gifted luthiers around the world, has brought him together with a princess and settled him in Vienna. Please see the What is the GRAN guitar for more details on his challenging of the fundamental approach to classical and modern guitar playing.

Jessy Martens, Roman Werner

2014. Same old blues again?
Jessy Martens Band has got German Blues Award as the best band and the best singer. Some serious bunch of players to reckon with. Congratulations!
Jessy Martens, Roman Werner
Jessy Martens and Roman Werner from Jessy Martens Band, live at Duckstein Festival, Berlin, 2012.
Jessy Martens and her Band have won GERMAN BLUES AWARD 2012 in three nominations: best record, best band and best singer!